Placemaker Local Rewards Program

Monadnock Buy Local plans to launch a local rewards program in our region this winter -- a program that offers gifts and discounts to users who spend their dollars at locally owned businesses.  We are looking at one specific loyalty program based in Portland, OR called Supportland.  It currently boasts a network of 150 independent businesses and 80,000 users who have collectively shifted $8 million of their spending to locally owned businesses.  Supportland is now available to other communities -- rebranded with the name Placemaker.  Stay tuned for more about this program!

“The benefit to [groups like Monadnock Buy Local] is now they have the data to prove whether their campaign was a success.  We want their members to pay dues, not as a gift, but rather because the alliance is really improving their bottom line,” said Michael Scotto di Carlo, Co-Founder of Placemaker. Learn more about Placemaker.

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